Monday, May 20, 2013

SENIOR PROM (18/5/13) &#9829

   ¡El día llegó! My Senior Prom was... ah-mazing and magical! All my classmates and their families looked gorgeous and handsome. I couldn't believe that we're all grown up, I'm still in shock.  My Senior Prom was in a house party called Casa del Médico (House of Doctors) in Mayagüez . It was beautifully decorated; the main colors were grey, white, silver, and red. The tables had a grey kind-of satin/polyester table cloth. On top it had the napkins and every utensil that every formal/dinner/dance party should have; and a beautiful two feet tall lamp with little round mirrors. The Prom commenced with a welcoming and a procession of each classmates with their parents or loved ones; in my case it was with my mom and dad. Afterwards, my classmates and I were standing on the stage or platform to make a brindis or toast. Finally, it was the father&daughter/mother&son dance. We danced a waltz, song from Chayanne; it was magical, dancing with my dad. He was so happy dancing with me; the itsy-bit problem of the dance was the space of the dance floor. Everyone was so close to each other, that every swing, I bumped to a parent or a classmate; which was a little bit awkward. Also, it had a photo booth lounge, yeah that was pretty cool; taking pics with your friends and your family and a photo shoot session with a photographer near the entrance. And, obviously our families taking pictures of us with friends and the class.
  Then, after all the laughter and joy, two classmates made a memory video of our class, starting with baby pictures of us up to now, with funny bad HD videos, which was hilarious. I was so emotional watching the video with my friends and family. I loved it! After that, most of the people sat down and some danced  merengue, salsa and ballads. OH, I forgot, it had a live band. I have to say, the singer was pretty darn cute and sang very well. He had me at "Faithfully" from Journey. Thereupon, it was dinner time. What I didn't like of this part was the LOOOONG line of the buffet. I would've prefer a waiter bringing our dinner. DISLIKE. I had greek-styled rice, ceasar salad ,and roasted chicken (I wanted steak, but it was all gone). It wasn't THAT good, but pleasant.
  Finally, it was PARTY time! My friends and I were the ones that started the 'party' a.k.a dancing monotonously and then we all got crazy, dancing and mostly everyone joined to the dance floor. The moment was awesome, dancing to "Starships", "Harlem Shake", 90s hip-hop songs, Jay-Z and Kanyewest recent song, "Don't You Worry Child", merengue, salsa and ballads. I loved my Senior Prom, memories that would last forever. Sadly, I left at 11:30pm because my dad was tired and had to get back home (30 mins. long drive). So that concludes my magical day. Dorianne <3

   My closest friends (Left to right: Beatriz, Fernando, Carolina, Beraine, me, Yesenia, Diana, Camille, Natalie, and Ana.) 

     My class: Palameds 2013

                   Father&Daughter dance (Dad and me)

My mom and I.

Dancing merengue with my dad.

Beraine, one of my best friends.

María, me, and my sister's friend, Mariana.

My sister, Mom, and me. (Left to right)

(Left to right: Beatriz, Frankie, Ana, natalie, Carolina, Beraine, Camille, me, and Fernando).

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