Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sunday Girl a.k.a Jade Williams

   I found her in  I was so bored at home so instead of doing homework, I turn on my computer and search for indie rock pop or dubstep.  So I went to this site, and it was interesting.  The good thing about this website is that all the songs are FREE, from indie groups, Dj's and remixes of known music artist like Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Marina and the Diamonds and much more.  So there was this list of free music of remixes so I found her music. My favorite songs about her is: Hey Stop!, Four Floors and Self Control from (Laura Branigan).  Sunday Girl a.k.a Jade Williams from the U.K. a very stunning girl with a grandma and vintage style that I love.   What I love about her is her soothing voice, it reminded me of 1960's songs that my uncle Chuito used to put when I always go to his house. She has her fan page in Facebook: and . Enjoy!!

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