Saturday, December 25, 2010

My best Christmas gift is my family

Me and Karina

Left to right: Titi Monsa, me, Nathalie and Karina.

Christmas tree


Grandma Vicky and my mom.

The birthday kids ( Left to right: Tío Chuito, Titi Carmita and Tío Victor)

Larracuente's siblings LtR: (Tío Fredito, mom, Tío Victor)


Up: Karina posing for me, becuase we got bored for one moment at Christmas Eve.
Down: Grandma Vicky and my little brother George Alexander.

 Christmas celebration with family is the best present that I could ever have every year.  It's good having presents and joy to have something, but it doesn't gives you the longest happiness for your life.  Well... family does, because they support you, they are always happy and always making jokes that I'll always enjoy.  I'm blessed for having a wonderful family and close friends.  xox

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